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"Eschenbach MaxTV" special glasses for watching TV

TV glasses MaxTV - enjoy watching TV twice as big!

 Ģ 59.95


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  Eschenbach MaxTV special glasses for watching TV

"Eschenbach MaxTV" special glasses for watching TV

See your television twice as big!
Through television we get a lot of important information. News, sport events or reports - nowadays society is not imaginable without TV.
In almost every household is a TV set, in every second household even a second one. Especially those additional TV sets often have a smaller screen.

The optician is your specialist for good sight, the optical store your specialist for products concerning your eyes. Better vision for reading, driving your car, doing sports and now also for relaxed TV watching!

MaxTV makes your television set appear twice its size.
With MaxTV you have the perfect solution for relaxed TV watching and even a small TV set is pepped up.

MaxTV glasses are suitable for:
a) People who love to watch TV
To see the TV screen as twice as big is great fun for everyone. A soccer match, a report about the loveliest diving regions in the world or simply a good movie: you can experience and enjoy all this differently with MaxTV!
You donīt need to buy a bigger TV set in order to see the Formula One Race under better conditions - MaxTV is enough for enjoyable double-size watching!

b) People with eye complaints and, of course, for everybody who is no longer able to see his TV set clearly. How displeasing it is when watching TV becomes difficult and when instead of watching TV you are only hearing it!
Our self-esteem suffers and our joy in life decreases. What a gift it is to regain that feeling!
The amplification of the field of vision/the screen even allows people with retina problems to watch TV again.

Important note:
MaxTV can regulate defective vision up to a dioptre value of 3dpt by regulation of the lenses and you can also use the MaxTV in combination with contact lenses!

Technical data:
  • Amplification 2.1x
  • Regulation of dioptre value: up to 3 dpt
  • Weight: 49g
Together with the MaxTV glasses from the Eschenbach company you receive a solid case to store them.

TV glasses MaxTV - watching TV twice as big!

Ģ 59.95
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Triway Internet Service GmbH


Triway Internet Service GmbH